Why to buy property in south Jaipur?

Jaipur is one of the most upcoming locations for investment in real estate in North India, whether the property is commercial or residential. Jaipur has been growing steadily and rapidly since last 10 years and is projected to become a Mega City by the year 2025. Even all the IT industries are looking to expand in Jaipur. According to the census, population growth in Jaipur is also 10% to 15% per year, hence the demand for real estate has also escalated.
Looking at all these bright future prospects, you must be evaluating which areas of Jaipur would give you the best returns?
Well just like any other metro town, the southern region of Jaipur is growing rapidly and the price versus rental ratio is the higher than any other region in Jaipur. You must be wondering, why is it so? Why the return on investment is higher in the South of Jaipur? Here, we are listing the reasons why the South of Jaipur is growing so rapidly and has better ROI than other regions:

1. Upcoming Ring Road:

Being one of the most sought after tourist destination and also a centre of export and other industrial activities, the rush of vehicles inside the city increased quite a lot. To control and regulate this traffic government has devised a 47Km, 6 lane ring road, which will cover Ajmer's western region, Jaipur's southern region, and Agra's eastern region under its proximity. This ring road has some major townships and commercial sectors like Mahindra SEZ (Special Economic Zone), increasing its value.

2. Proposed Jaipur Metro (North-South Corridor):

Jaipur Metro's proposed North-South Corridor covers major industrial activity areas like Ambabaria and Sitapura coming from major areas like MI Road, Ajmeri Gate, etc. Therefore, a lot of commercial activities and centres are coming along in this region.

3. Upcoming International Airport and railway station:

Jaipur's new Greenfield International Airport and a new Railway Station have been proposed in the Shivdaspura area of Jaipur which is in very close proximity to Bhaskar Enclave and Bhaskar Farms. Easy connectivity will make room for major commercial activities in the region around it and will increase your return on investment multiple folds.

4. Major Hotels:

With some of the major brands in hotels like Crowne P, Marriott, Radisson Blue, etc. The hospitality industry is growing rapidly in the southern region of Jaipur. Easy connectivity and major industrial areas make the southern region of Jaipur, one of the most sought after locations to invest in Jaipur. Bhaskar Enclave and Bhaskar Farms are two very potential residential projects, strategically located in a close proximity to the upcoming Greenfield Airport and new Railway Station.

6 April 2019, 14:15 pm